A Day in a Student’s Life

It's a cool morning with light drizzle. The teachers at the Commonwealth International School are getting their morning tea and preparing the day's lessons. Just like every other school, they sit down at their desks and prepare for the day. However, at The CIS, there will be no rush of children through the doors when school starts. That's because CIS offer a unique online education which allows the learners to attend classes from the comfort and security of their own home.
how it works1
Meanwhile, in sunny Cape Town, 10th grader Charlie starts his day. He plans on finishing school early so he can go to the aquarium with his mom later that afternoon. Charlie heard his neighborhood friends leaving for school earlier before the sun was up. Charlie quietly contemplates his day while eating a leisurely bowl of cereal. When he's finished eating he sits down at his computer desk and signs into The Commonwealth International School’s student portal.

"Good morning students!" says his math teacher, Mr Kuldip. Math classes are from 8.40 am to 9.30 am. Charlie wants to study engineering at university when he’s completed his AS levels. The algebraic equations are new to Charlie however with the teachers help he soon understands the solution. His friend Vihaan, from Goa in India, does have a question for the teacher which seems to help the whole classes understanding. Charlie is planning on visiting Vihaan after he graduates as he’s heard it’s a great surfing spot.

Next is English from 9.30 am to 10.20 am. Ms Byrne’s class is his favorite as she helps to bring literature to life. Yesterday Charlie sent an email asking her to clarify a section and at the beginning of the class Ms Byrne revised the section for the class. After English he checks out his daily assignments he needs to complete for his home school curriculum. Starting with math Charlie completes his Algebra assignment followed by an English essay which he emails to his teacher. Next Charlie watches a DVD on the book they’re currently covering which helps show the story from a visual perspective.

how it works2It’s lunch time now so Charlie makes himself a ham and cheese sandwich together with a cup of fresh orange juice. While eating he logs into the school’s Social Centre and joins in a chat about a recent movie with 2 of his classmates from Morocco and Spain. Mom arrives home from her half day job and with Charlie’s school work already completed they head down to the aquarium for this week’s excursion. Watching the sharks was great fun and Charlie had to admit that his mom does know a lot about the marine environment. Once they return home Charlie asks his mom if he can go down to the park and play some soccer with his local friends. Later, over dinner he tells his dad all about what he learned that day through his home school curriculum.

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