school fees

Fees for group classes:



IGCSE per subject

£ 270

Reg fee £ 90 + £ 40 pm x 5 months

AS per subject

£ 290

Reg fee £ 90 + £ 45 pm x 5 months

CIS offers a discount should you choose to pay the fees in full.
International transaction transfer charges are for your account therefore there will be a further saving by only having to pay this once if you choose to pay in full.

Most students register for 2 classes at a time. For 2 classes please double the above fees.

Both levels include one class per day (Monday to Friday’s), all marking and feedback on set assignments, class materials, guided reading, tests, revision, mock exams and regular progress reports. Expect to do 32 hours of guided learning per subject per month (16 hours with the teacher and 16 hours of offline directed learning by yourself).

Exams are written every 6 months. If you’re not ready to write exams or fail an exam you may continue attending lessons in that subject for a further 6 months of tuition at £ 30 pm x 5 months.

The tuition fee is settled monthly in advance and students can stop lessons anytime, with no further obligation.

Examination fees are payable separately to the examination centre.

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