Our teachers are international experts with over 20 years' experience in their subjects. Their presentation is adapted and personalised to suit online schooling and are of the highest quality.

Your schooling is facilitated by your personal e-Tutor and a Personal Subject Plan is sent to you each week by your e-Tutor to assist you to meet your study schedule.

Our staff is recognised as education professionals and are fully qualified and registered as educators.


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Imagine citizenship of an Anglosphere Society of the future which inspires and defines humanities progress. A global network of Anglosphere Universities in all member communities will provide the inspiration for our children to become leaders in their fields. You will be able to travel, relocate or work freely in 1000’s of Anglosphere communities around the globe. The sharing and collaboration created within the Anglosphere will provide the technological innovation necessary to move society upwards into a new age of progress. Business links across the Anglosphere will create unprecedented wealth and opportunity for all. The values and principles of the Anglosphere will continue to create an era of peace, prosperity and progress for centuries to come. As a member of the Anglosphere Society you will be proud to embrace its values and contribute towards a better future.   

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Our branches within the English speaking Commonwealth allow us to offer you a quality education at an affordable price.

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