With many countries struggling with their financial viability there are opportunities to negotiate 99 year Autonomous Territorial Leases with nations requiring assistance. Autonomous Territorial Leases would allow the Anglosphere to build independent city states similar in scope to Hong Kong. The leases would assist the Anglosphere to expand its frontiers, values and trading opportunities. The host country will earn valuable lease fees while expanding their trade and investment with the Anglosphere. Autonomous Territorial Leases should be seen as an important conduit for skills transfer into the developing world and would encourage skilled Anglosphere citizens to settle in the new territories. With its rapid population growth and skills deficit, Africa should be earmarked for the first Autonomous Territorial Lease.


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The Anglosphere Society represents the Anglosphere citizens residing in the many communities outside of the core CANZUK nations of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The society seeks to build an international community with a shared value system. The society provides assistance and a template as to how to inaugurate a local chapter in your community. Together the branches will engage with each other and the CANZUK nations to move forward with the vision of a shared Anglosphere Society. Anglosphere Society members would benefit from the diplomatic protection of extended citizenship while the CANZUK nations would extend their influence and business relationships within member countries.

Imagine citizenship of an Anglosphere Society of the future which inspires and defines humanities progress.

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Facilitating trading relationships between the core Anglosphere businesses and the countries the societies reside in.

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