CIS offers our learners a quality education without the disruptive factors that are all too common today. We believe that a sound education lays the foundation for post scholastic achievements. Learner discipline and communication with parents is an important area of focus at CIS.

Education is much more than a syllabus and the development of the individual as a whole is vital. Thus, we encourage our learners to become involved in a variety of activities. We continue to endeavour to widen their horizon which allows them to develop beyond traditional expectations.

Our MISSION is to achieve credible results by providing a quality education to our learners, empowering them in class and beyond.
Our VISION is to strive for excellence while providing a safe and inspiring learning environment.

Our AIM is to send educated young men and women out into the world with confidence and with the ability to achieve their full potential.


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About Us

Imagine citizenship of an Anglosphere Society of the future which inspires and defines humanities progress. A global network of Anglosphere Universities in all member communities will provide the inspiration for our children to become leaders in their fields. You will be able to travel, relocate or work freely in 1000’s of Anglosphere communities around the globe. The sharing and collaboration created within the Anglosphere will provide the technological innovation necessary to move society upwards into a new age of progress. Business links across the Anglosphere will create unprecedented wealth and opportunity for all. The values and principles of the Anglosphere will continue to create an era of peace, prosperity and progress for centuries to come. As a member of the Anglosphere Society you will be proud to embrace its values and contribute towards a better future.   

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Our Mission

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Our branches within the English speaking Commonwealth allow us to offer you a quality education at an affordable price.

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