Anglo-Africans have both historical and cultural ties to the United Kingdom. Within this framework the United Kingdom’s citizens should consider themselves to have a moral obligation to both protect and assist their descendants.  The Anglo-African Nation is lobbying the British government to issue Anglo-Africans with a British National (Overseas) passport. This passport would confer the right to visa free access, to study and conduct business freely throughout the Anglosphere however it would limit the right to permanent residence in any member state without application. In this respect the passport would be similar to the British National (Overseas) passport issued to Hong Kong residents.

CANZUK is a proposed alliance comprising Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as part of an international organisation or confederation similar in scope to the former European Economic Community. The Anglo-African Nation will seek to build relationships with this forum to encourage free trade, cultural ties, free movement of people and collaboration on education and research.

CANZUK nations are also encouraged to consider facilitating closer educational links and opening their military recruitment to Anglo-African Nationals who share similar values and linguistic ties. Anglo-Africans would benefit from the diplomatic protection of extended citizenship while the CANZUK nations would extend their influence and business relationships within Africa.




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The Anglo-African Nation is home for the English speaking descendants of the European diaspora who have made Africa their home since 1795. The Anglo-African Nation is pursuing a variety of projects. These include:   

  • Building relationships with the Anglosphere countries of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand which share a common ancestry and value system.
  • The  establishment of closer trade ties between Anglo-Africans and Anglosphere countries.
  • Lobbying the British government to issue Anglo-Africans with a British National (Overseas) passport.
  • The establishment of an internationally recognised, English home language Anglo-African University in Southern Africa.
  • To celebrate Anglo-African cultural events.
  • A civil defence capacity to protect members.
  • Provide members with financial and political news to make informed decisions.
  • The establishment of a legal division to protect member’s constitutional rights.
  • To ensure Anglo-African political interests are well represented.
  • To support the devolution of political power in South Africa into Cantons based on the Swiss model of governance.
  • To negotiate an autonomous 99 year territorial lease to build an African-Anglosphere city state similar in scope and mission to Singapore.

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A Vision for the Future

Territorial Leasing

Anglosphere University

Inaugurate a Branch


Facilitating trading relationships between the core Anglosphere businesses and Anglo-African's.

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